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Gabriel Medina Bio

In 1996, Gabriel began the first steps in his musical studies at the Conservatorio Provincial de San Martin in Tucuman where he studied theory and ear training with Professor Silvia Paulucci. In 2003, Mr. Medina studied classical guitar with George Michael (South Africa), at the Cleveland Music School Settlement. In 2005, Gabriel's journey next led him to the Jazz Program at the Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland where he studied with Stevie Enos and Lee Bush (Ear Training, Arranging and Harmony), Tony Pullizzi (Private Guitar Instructor), Jackie Warren, and Joe Hunter (Piano), Ernie Krivda (Improvisation).

In 2007, Gabriel was accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where he continued to pursue his musical career. Focusing his studies on the folkloric music from South America, mainly from his native Argentina, he extensively researched, analyzed, composed and played this culturally rich music. While at Berklee College of Music, Gabriel studied with some incredible teachers, such as: Bill Elliott (Arranging and Orchestration), Andrea Pejrolo (MIDI, Score to Visual), Dan Moretti, Adi Yeshaya (Arranger of Whitney Houston), and Michael Farqhuerson (Production). Gabriel studied guitar performance wtih Jim kelly, Jon Damian, Tim Miller, and Bret Willmontt. Gabriel also studied percussion with two of the greatest musicians in their field, Edwin Castrillo and Mark Walker (Paquito D'Rivera). Gabriel graduated in the Spring of 2009 with a degree in Contemporary Writing & Production.

Gabriel has attended and continues to attend workshops and master classes under respected Guitarists, Arrangers and Producers.

Currently, Mr. Medina lives in Chicago, Illinois, where he works as a music teacher, freelance guitarist, arranger and producer.

Gabriel Medina Bio